In May 2012, Emmy Award-winning actress Jane Lynch hosted an award show for the fragrance industry. I wrote her jokes which then appeared in dozens of publications, including:

“The Triumphant Smell of Success.”
 — The New York Times  Read the article online or view the PDF

“Jane Lynch Wants Her Fragrance to ‘Smell Like a Boys’ Locker Room . . . But Kim Kardashian Owns the Copyright.’” Hilarious.
— Vanity Fair  Read the article online or view the PDF


“The funniest line of the evening.”
–Used New York City  Read the article online or view the PDF

Comedy 360 Daily’s “Comic To Watch.”
Read the article online or view the PDF

“Made everybody laugh. Really, really laugh, sometimes from the gut.”
— Metro Weekly  View the PDF


With his co-producer, Zach Toczynski, Chris has been featured a variety of media outlets, including:

“Breaking Down Barriers in the World of Comedy.”
— American University Radio  Read the article online or view the PDF.

“Chris Doucette and Zach Toczynski Want To Tickle Your Funny Bone.”
— Metro Weekly  Read the article online or view the PDF.